Wednesday, May 22, 2013

more CDRs outshortly

and then im a loser but im taking a break for a few weeks to deal with all my recording obligations

that is:

dolphin tears tape on department tapes
dolphin tears tape on splash tapes
dolphin tears tape on a yet unannounced magazine label
new CG album

and then i'll be back to businezz on this probably starting in august



Sunday, May 12, 2013


Every week for the whole summer Stuck in a Simulation is gonna be pushin stuff out heavy! a pack of five roughly ten-minute CDRs a week for 10 weeks. there's only ten copies of each pack and you gotta buy the whole thing. $10 for the pack. 5 CDRs, 10 dollars (+shipping), once a week. 

this week, on SKETCHES...:


Dolphin Tears - Mastercard

Dolphin Tears - Visa

Casino Gardens - Scuzz Surfer 3K! Xtended

Casino Gardens - Paradise Slice

COINSTARR - COOL MOVES! (guest release)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Day 2500 in the simulation. Living only on virtual McDonald's scraps. The sky is blood red and my eyes are slowly fusing with the scarab-beetle nanobots that travel the desert with us. We lost two of our android packmules a few thousand lightyears back, but we finally made it!.....Here's some stuff we harvested from inside the excel sheets on your dad's work laptop:
CD-Rs: $5 + shipping:
limited to 25 copies


(Note: Angel One/Dolphin Tears split tape available soon on Total Reality International. "Fantasies in Cools Palace" available now on Lillerne Tapes. "Reflections on Waterfront Property" available from Beer on the Rug)



Dolphin Tears - Pool Lurkers
"A bunch of buzzkill scientists rattled some cages and ran some 4th dimensional equations over that cherished salty droplet. Meanwhile they can hear the alligator meanies stomping up above, boombox vibrating the wave pool. Can the math-munching dorks escape this time???"

***SOLD OUT***

Dolphin Tears - Pure Water
"Reissue, originally on Angel One Recordings...
I'm here today to look for a soulmate that will stay with me, play with me, and love me dear. Someone who can redefine the way I see swimming pools is a big plus. Out here in the shadow of the pyramid I wait for my special love. So, please, come with me and accept my simulacrum as your own. We can sip champagne and find reality water."
***SOLD OUT***

Rituals in the Sphere - Logic
"We broke into the third-eye of the target at the back of the club to find the briefcase mystery stored inside his killswitch. Don't incite any of his trigger phrases or this whole place'll be up in flames."
***SOLD OUT***

Angel 1 - Galaxy Moods

"Angel 1 brings the celestial religious exaltation heavy on this one. Some serious circles of memory spiraling down into your subconscious video feed. Like watching the church tower scene from Vertigo thru your eyelids. Essential shit if you need to renew your REM cycles (or if you left your wallet on the steps of that healer's temple a few reality-levels back)"
***SOLD OUT***


Casino Gardens - Paradice Slice
"The next exploratory odyssey of the whole damn operation. Coming sometime!"

Egyptian Nights

Dolphin Tears - Sleepwalk 2 Daydreams
"More underwater oracles from the scientists down below!!"

Cools - Illuminati x Archangel
"The one you've all been waiting for. Cools, musically trained in the headquarters of the NWO, the Pentagon, and the Bohemian Grove, steps into the spotlight for the first time ever. Be prepared to get paranoid. Coming 12/21/2012."

The Arcade Junkies - Tears of the Mongotron
"The junkies are back and they're madder than hell. This time they mean business -- or else."

The Arcade Junkies - Midnight Run
"Melting leather jackets hide inside oil drums. Two nitro-powered red Spyders ramp into a plasma vortex on the highway. City lights burn holograms into my infrared goggles...Do you know the password to the keypad? I repeat, do you know the password to the keypad?"

 POSTERS/FLYERS: $3 + shipping or $5 + shipping for both (posters are 8.5x11)
limited to 15 copies


w/ Shipping


w/ Shipping

w/ Shipping

{ for all inquiries}

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Time Debt rmxxxxx

A remix I did for CVLTS new single